Sindy Strickrodt Coaching

My name is Sindy Strickrodt

For several years now, I have been accompanying people as a trained trainer and coach who want to change something in their current life situation or in certain areas of their life.

Your current life situation has reached a point that feels like shackles and you are not making any headway at the moment.

Whether it is health challenges, fears, blockages, your own personality, professional or private life that are a burden for you.

Our body is the purest information center, it is in constant communication with us, only we have forgotten to understand it. From my own experience I know those moments in which we feel powerless, lacking motivation, lacking drive or powerless.

When you're ready to get into action here, write to me using the contact form.

I look forward to meeting you ­čÖé

Ihre Sindy Strickrodt

This is your Coach
This is your Coach